Healthy Korean Food


Yun’s Kitchen Korean cooking workshop brings the Korean cuisine to life.

In a home-kitchen setting near Brussels and Antwerp, you can learn how to make simple and healthy Korean food with a small group of people.

Korean Cuisine contains a large variety of meat and fish dishes along with wild greens and vegetables. Various fermented products, such as Kimchi (a traditional Korean side dish of salted and  fermented vegetables), Doenjang (fermented soy bean paste), Gochujang (chili pepper paste) and Ganjang (soy sauce) are particularly popular due to their distinctive flavor and high nutritional value.

It is our belief that food and medicine have the same origin and hence perform the same function, following the saying ‘food is the best medicine’.
Yun Lee, Founder of Yun’s Kitchen

Founder of Yun's Kitchen


Yun Lee is a Korean chef, cooking instructor and avid food lover.

Her mission is to help people gain more understanding about Korean cuisine and enjoy the pleasures of cooking and eating good and healthy Korean food.